About Me

Ciara Ci-Ci Williams


Transparent Eyedentity is not just the name of a movement, it’s my lifestyle. I believe in order to reach those outside the church, we have to be walking examples of Who God really is. We must be willing to deny ourselves and take up his cross.  We endure in life for others, so why do we allow things to make us keep it from them?

Transparent Eyedentity is the metaphor for being lead by the holy spirit to reveal the truth behind your identity.  Lay your character to rest, take off the make up, take off the layers of false perspective and temporary truths. Being  completely honest, and giving people the opportunity to see that God’s redemption is real. All for God’s glory.

My goal is to touch on subjects that we struggle with in silence, that is normally not the topic on a Sunday morning. As I take you along this all-embracing journey with me, my prayer is that  you will moved to open up and be transparent with someone else. Show them who God really is in your life, not just what you want them to see.


§ We fight strategically in warfare prayer, not the flesh -( 2 corin 10:3-4)

§ We reclaim our identities by understanding why we were created -(eph 2:10)

§ We encourage and motivate through transparency- (Mark 8:34)

§ We break bondage and demolish addictions through God’s truth and transparency – (

§ We , unrelenting and unapologetically  walk in our boldness- (Ephesians 3:12)

Get ready, your about to be set free…let’s go!!